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Your Uni-ID

Your access to the centralized IT services of the University of Bonn

You will need a personal Uni-ID for all our centralized information and communications services (IuK). Authorized user groups (Benutzergruppen) will receive their ID’s either automatically or via the University’s Computer Center’s Identity Management. For students with a registration ID (Matrikelnummer), the process is automated, University employees and other customers must submit a User application (Benutzungsantrag).

When you set up a centralized University account, you will receive the related Uni-ID, a 4- to 8-digit user ID that you can use (plus your password) to log into all connected systems. Please remember your Uni-ID and password. Together, they are your access data for various University of Bonn IT systems.

E-Mail GOsa FSI VPN ULB eCampus eduroam ÖCAPs BASIS DFN-AAI sciebo

Plakat Uni-ID englisch

Once you have received your Uni-ID, you yourself may change and/or control some of your data via Identity Management. Any changes, such as a change in your user status from "Student" to "Employee" and vice versa, will require a Change application (Änderungsantrag).

Currently, you can use the following University of Bonn IT services with your Uni-ID:


 gosa.jpg Identity Management

With the Identity Management, you can manage your user data; e.g., change your password, enter alias email addresses, and activate email forwarding. Login will require your Uni-ID and the related password. For more information, please click on Identity Management).


email.jpg Email via IMAP, MAPI, POP3 and the Web interface

Your default email address is:

Using the Identity Management, you can enter up to two additional email addresses as aliases, such as Please note that the original Uni-ID with a max. of 8 digits (without "") is the only Login that will work for the IT systems listed here. You cannot log in using your email address or aliases!

There are several ways you can access your emails; e.g., simply by using our Webmail portal under Enter your Uni-ID and the related password for authentication. In addition, you may access your emails via email applications such as Outlook or Thunderbird. For more information, click on E-Mail bei der Universität Bonn (email at the University of Bonn).

Your mailbox has 100 MB of storage (students) or 1 GB (employees) and is protected from Spam and viruses.

Please note: The University of Bonn will send university- and studies-relevant notifications to this university email address. You should regularly check this account for mail, or forward your mail to an email account that you check regularly.


vpn.jpg WLAN access, and accessing the University network

If you need to access the University network from home, you can connect via an encrypted VPN tunnel. To do so you will need the appropriate VPN-Client-Software. Access will require your Uni-ID.

In addition, you can use VPN to create a secure WLAN connection in many of the University’s buildings.

For additional information and installation instructions, please click on VPN-Client-Software.


eduroam.jpg Worldwide Internet access at participating universities

Another option for using WLAN at the University of Bonn is Eduroam. This allows you to access WLAN networks of different research institutions using your Uni-ID from the University of Bonn. The following webpage provides more information on Eduroam.


ulb.jpg Literature and database research, accessing e-media via the ULB

For accessing the electronic media of the University and State Library (Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Bonn) from outside the university network, you will need a VPN connection. This will also require your Uni-ID for login.


basis.jpg Electronic course catalog

The electronic course catalog of the University of Bonn (BASIS) provides an overview of the classes offered. Matriculated students can register for classes and exams via the system, as well as look up their exam results, if applicable. Login will also require your Uni-ID and the related password.


ecampus.jpg E-learning platform of the University of Bonn

The Uni-ID also allows students to participate in classes on the University of Bonn’s eCampus centralized E-learning platform. IT-classes (IT-Lehrveranstaltungen) of the University Computer Center can also be found here.


oecaps.jpg Uni-Campus public work stations

At the University Computer Center (HRZ) and the University and State Library (ULB), there are centralized computer workplaces available for students and employees of the University of Bonn. Using them will also require entering your personal Uni-ID.

You can also print and make copies here. At the University Computer Center, there is also a scanner. Information on workplace equipment and hours at the HRZ can be found at: PC-Arbeitsplätze.


fsi.jpg Online storage

Initially, students and employees of the University of Bonn will automatically receive 10 GB of centralized storage on the HRZ’s new fileservice infrastructure (FSI) for university-related use. The hard drive storage is backed up daily and allows global access. This makes it the ideal storage for securely storing essential study and research data within the University’s IT infrastructure (data privacy). For additional information, see here: Plattenplatz.


Sciebo_Komplettlogo.jpg the Campuscloud

sciebo is a non-commercial cloud storage service for research, studying and teaching. It is operated jointly by 22 universities in NRW and funded by the state of NRW. The data will be stored and processed exclusively at three locations in NRW (Münster, Bonn, Duisburg-Essen).Thereby, they are protected by Germany's strict data protection law. Automatic synchronization allows you to access your data anytime with all of your devices or via a web interface. Sharing files or entire folders with others is very easy as well. You always have complete control. sciebo offers 30 GB of storage space, completely free of charge. The following webpage provides more information on sciebo.


dfn-aai.jpg Authentification via DFN-AAI

Bonn University takes part in the Authentification and Authorization Infrastructure of the DFN (DFN-AAI). This makes it easier for authorized users to make use of scholarly internet sources. Also, it increases information privacy of the use of DFN-AAI partners. For further information please check Authentifizierung über DFN-AAI.