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Information for (new) staff members on the services of the Hochschulrechenzentrum (University Computer Center).


The access to most services of the Hochschulrechenzentrum is linked to the Uni-ID. New staff members receive this user ID automatically with their employment. The access data are sent to your workplace via internal mail. If you have not received this letter, please contact our support.
  • All information on your Uni-ID, changing your password etc., can be found in the section Identity Management

WLAN, eduroam

The Hochschulrechenzentrum operates close to 700 WLAN access points in the buildings of the university. Most of these cover the publicly accessible area. With your Uni-ID you can log onto the university network (BONNET). We support the majority of mobile devices.

Campus-Management, E-Learning

Two major systems are responsible for the organization and administration of courses and the collaborative work at the university. – They are connected to the key words Campus-Management and E-Learning.
BASIS = Campus-Management
BASIS is used for the organization of teaching and examinations at the university. The course overview (“Vorlesungsverzeichnis”), the registration for exams, and a digital reproduction of the examination regulations (“Prüfungsordnung”) are realized with this system. The individual subjects are responsible for the organization with regard to content. There are contact persons for examinations and lectures in the respective subjects. The HRZ and Dez. 2 are responsible for the technical operations and provide support in case of technical problems.
eCampus = E-Learning
The section of E-Learning is covered by the eCampus-Team at the university. This is the central support in the areas of E-Learning that helps with didactic issues connected to media, manages electronic examinations or offers help with the preparation of teaching materials for the internet. At the same time eCampus operates the central learning platform (based on the software Ilias).

Training in the IT Area

The Hochschulrechenzentrum offers trainings in the area of IT. Have a look at our course program. There are special courses for staff members e.g., in the area of Office programs. Unfortunately, these courses are only available in German.
Additionally, there are a number of (IT-) courses available in the area of human resources development.
In addition, you can find a lot of information on the internet yourself, especially in the area of IT.


The Hochschulrechenzentrum offers a central support for its services via telephone or e-mail or fill in the support inquiry form.
In addition, there are service-specific support addresses that you can use to reach the responsible colleagues directly.

IT Structure – Who is responsible for what in the IT area of the university?

The IT structure at the university tries to centralize responsibilities where this makes sense.
The Hochschulrechenzentrum is the central IT service provider for the university. Within the administration, Dez. 2 coordinates the IT demands and holds the corresponding IT products and services.
For all local IT matters, the responsibility lies with the respective institutions, i.e. if the printer at your PC is not working – the local IT is responsible. If you have technical problems when accessing BASIS, please turn to the HRZ or the central BASIS support for help.

Exchange of Data and (Online) Scheduling

Please do not use “cloud services” such as Dropbox and Doodle, if the issue of data protection and data security is not solved for the use of these services at the university. The general rule is: Conventional cloud services must not be used within the university for official business duties!
But there are internal solutions for many services:
Data exchange via Sciebo
Sciebo is the Cloud of the universities. The service conforms to data protection requirements and is operated by the universities themselves. With your Uni-ID you can register quickly and synchronize data between your devices as well as exchange data with others.
Online Scheduling with Foodle, the DFN scheduler
The DFN scheduler is an alternative to Doodle, that you can use to coordinate dates, plan meetings etc.
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