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Welcome, dear students!

Here you will find information on the IT services provided by the Hochschulrechenzentrum (University Computer Center) for (new) students.


With receiving your student identification card you are also provided a Uni-ID. You can explore the wonderful virtual world of the University of Bonn as soon as you have activated your Uni-ID on our Identity-Management-System platform “GOsa”. Not only can you access services like E-Mail, BASIS or eCampus which are essential for your survival at our university, but you can also upload and share your documents on the academic Cloud Service Sciebo. And the best part is: For students it’s all for free! After you have successfully activated your ID, it is recommended to explore GOsa a little more. You can set up your e-mail account by creating a new password and create up to two alternative e-mail addresses.

WLAN, eduroam

Of course you can do all these things while studying on campus or relaxing in the beautiful Hofgarten. All you need to do is download the VPN-client or set up eduroam on your notebook, smartphone or tablet and you will be granted WLAN in almost every corner of the university. One great feature of eduroam is that you can use it in universities all over the world that are part of the “education roaming” program! And it’s free of charge as well! And in case you want to have all your appointments and e-mails updated and accessible at every time, you can synchronize your e-mail and calendar data between all your devices.


Why don’t you take part in one of our IT courses? We offer courses concerning different topics such as “Word Processing”, “Spreadsheet Analysis”, “Java” and “Presentations”. As a student or employee of the University of Bonn you can attend these courses for free upon registration. If you are part of a Bachelor program you might even be granted 3 credit points! Please note, however, that so far we can only offer courses in German. 


The software available for students is unfortunately divided into many different products and producers which also results in different ways of getting hold of the software. 

What many students are looking for: MS Windows and MS Office CANNOT be obtained via the university (with the exception of students at departments with an MS Dreamspark Premium contract, which is limited to natural sciences and technology-related subjects. Please ask at your institute or Fachschaft.)

For many other products there are various possibilities. You can find further information under Software-Lizenzen including descriptions and instructions, e.g., for free anti-virus software, reference management software or public domain pictures via Coulourbox


You can participate in online lectures, which run via Zoom, browser-based. If you like to host a video conference yourself, please register for the Zoom campus license of Bonn University. 


The Hochschulrechenzentrum

Unfortunately our IT helpdesk is closed for on-site visits during the current pandemic phase. You can reach us by mail and by phone!

Mo - Fr: 8:00 - 18:00
0228/73 2751 
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