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Date: Nov 06, 2019

Adobe rental products no longer available through framework agreements Adobe rental licenses expire on 22.11.2019 and must be uninstalled. The purchase of Adobe CC products is no longer centrally supported.

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Adobe is no longer offering a suitable framework agreement for orders of rental products for the University of Bonn. Users of Adobe products (with the exception of CLP purchase licenses) please look for new applications with which they can work or must find a suitable offer "on the market" (in compliance with data protection!).

In our announcement a year ago, we explained at this point that Adobe was changing its framework agreements and hoped that there would still be a good offer for German universities. These dreams have now come to an end.  The so-called "Adobe Desktop" contract has given us another year's delay, but finally ends on 22.11.2019. The use of Adobe rental licenses from a framework contract for the University of Bonn is no longer possible from the day after.

The rented products MUST be uninstalled!

We recommend that you do not use the Adobe rental products in the future. Whenever possible, switch to free/alternative products.

If you still want to work with Adobe products, you will quickly notice that the licensing and data protection laws are very complicated framework conditions.

Abstract: Either you rent Adobe products directly in the (creative) cloud as single licenses (as a "private person" and use them also for work - with all negative interactions) or you can use the so-called VIP contracts as a working group. The latter is legally very critical and requires a (responsible) group administrator, who takes over the administration in the Creative Cloud. The basis for this are (private!!) Adobe IDs. This is not a solution either and cannot be answered for by universities. Therefore:

Adobe software that cannot be bought from the CLP contract has reached its "end of life" at the university - if you take it exactly, and that is what we want and have to do.

Further information can be found here.

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