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Date: Jun 07, 2021

Changing the layout by upgrading the mail server Due to an upgrade of the mail server on Wednesday, 6.09.2021, the default layout changes from "Pronto" to "Samoware". Nothing changes in the operation of the interface.

Even through the new interface, it is still not possible to reset the password or include a certificate (secure email), even though these options are visible in the settings.

Here are some useful new features in Samoware:

  • To highlight a mail, individual message tags can be assigned.
  • Mails can be downloaded directly in eml format from the mail server and thus archived locally.

The following problems may occur after the upgrade:

  1.  After logging into webmail, the interface is not displayed correctly.
    Solution: Clear the cache of your browser.
  2. Webmail cannot be started.
    Solution: The URL is and must not contain any addition. Often there is an addition in the saved bookmark that interferes with the execution.
  3. Outlook starts, but no new mails are received or sent.
    Solution: Outlook is in offline mode and this offline mode must be deactivated manually via the button on the "Send/Receive" tab.



Update 09.06.2021: Unfortunately, unforeseen errors occurred during the update process, so we had to stay with the old version. The software manufacturer will make improvements here, so that we plan to be able to successfully perform the update in a timely manner.

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