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Date: Feb 11, 2022

Recommendations for Windows 11 Since Microsoft is now increasingly promoting the upgrade to Windows 11 in Windows 10, we would like to give you some information.

In principle, all services of the HRZ can also be run under Windows 11.

An upgrade to Windows 11 is therefore possible, but not necessary for the time being. Microsoft will continue to provide and maintain Windows 10 with updates/upgrades until 14.10.2025.

The biggest difference between the two versions are adjustments in the graphical interface and operation. For example, there is a new start menu in the middle of the taskbar, which can also be moved back to the left via the settings.

Therefore our recommendation:

  • All those who wish to continue using Windows 10 can do so without hesitation until the date mentioned above.
  • Those who have already "enjoyed" Windows 11 through an automatic Windows update can continue to use it. However, if desired, a function built into Windows offers to revert to Windows 10. Here you can find instructions, for example, at Heise:
  • Those who want to switch to Windows 11 should think about a new installation, as the upgrade will drag along old burdens that could slow down the system and require more memory.
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