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Date: Feb 01, 2021

New capacities in 3D printing service Acquisition of an LFS 3D printer at the HRZ opens up new possibilities and increases capacity

The HRZ has recently acquired a Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) 3D printer, which enables more detailed and higher quality prints than before. The use is open to all members of the university.

Using funds from the Digitale Lehr-Lerninfrastrukturen program of the digitization initiative Digitale Hochschule NRW, the HRZ has purchased a new printer for the 3D printing area. The Form 3 printer from the company Formlabs creates 3D prints by curing liquid plastic with a laser. Layer by layer, a print is created this way, and the printer pulls it upside down from a vat filled with liquid print material.
The process offers higher quality than other printing methods, but is also costly in terms of post-processing. For this post-processing, the HRZ has both a washing station with isopropyl alcohol and a device for curing the prints.
The manufacturer specifies the maximum print volume as 14.5 × 14.5 × 18.5cm. It is also possible to make the print in various materials, some of which are biocompatible and may therefore be suitable for use on humans.
For questions, suggestions, consultation requests or printing orders, please contact [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]. More information on 3D printing at the HRZ can be found here:

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