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Date: Feb 06, 2019

Identity management conversion The interfaces of the IDM system are switched to SAP. During a transition period, new employees must manually request their Uni-ID.

The Identity Management (IdM) is switiching its interfaces in the course of the conversion to SAP (see current operating message 31.01./01.02.2019).

For this extensive adaptations and migration work are necessary. Even after the conversion, there will still be restrictions during a transitional period.

New employees: Request Uni-ID manually

After the conversion to SAP, new employees can initially apply for a Uni-ID as an interim solution by using our application form in the IdM self-service portal, manually selecting their new cost centre and entering their new 6-digit SAP personnel number.


We hope that this manual effort, which is also unfavourable for us, will soon be eliminated. As soon as the data from SAP is complete, Uni-IDs for new employees can be created again fully automatically.

As soon as the usual automation is available again, we will update this message.

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