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Date: Mar 09, 2020

Preventive measures at the HRZ The HRZ provides information on precautionary measures to maintain the operation of the central IT infrastructure. These include restricting public access. All measures in detail in the following information of the HRZ.

Dear users,

many of the IT services required for the regular teaching, research and administrative operations of the university are operated by us in the Hochschulrechenzentrum. This makes us one of the so-called "critical infrastructures": a failure of even parts of it would have massive negative consequences for the entire university.

In order to minimize the consequences, especially due to staff shortages in possible quarantine situations, we have developed an emergency plan in close cooperation with the university management, which will come into effect as a purely precautionary measure from Monday morning, 9.3.2020.

We assume that we will be able to continue to operate the central electronic services such as e-mail, web presence, BASIS, etc. without disruption. However, there will also be restrictions, especially because we will have to restrict public access to the HRZ as a precautionary measure: There will be no face-to-face consultations at the IT helpdesk, the public PC workstations will be closed and course operations will be suspended until further notice.

We will remain available for you via all other known communication channels (telephone, e-mail, forms, tickets...).

Please do not be unsettled: these are purely precautionary measures, which we expect to ensure that "regular operation" is as undisturbed as possible.

On our homepage you will always find current information, please check there regularly.

Yours, Dr. Rainer Bockholt, Director of the Hochschulrechenzentrum

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