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Date: Mar 30, 2021

Zoom campus license extended Due to the change in licensing of the Zoom campus license, large-meeting licenses for higher numbers of participants will also be available to us in the upcoming licensing period

At the start of the summer semester, the university's campus license will be extended for another year. This means Zoom video conferencing software will continue to be available to all university members for use in research and teaching.

The campus license was purchased in spring 2020 to allow for digital teaching, meetings and web conferencing. Through the experience gained with Zoom over the past year, many university members have expressed a desire to be able to conduct meetings with a higher number of participants. This request is now being addressed by adding 500 & 1000 attendee meeting licenses to the campus license.

If you have a need for a 500 meeting license, you can apply for one by submitting your event information at [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.].

All University employees & students may continue to register to use the campus license through the University's Zoom portal:

As part of the license renewal, the university's Zoom service website will be moving and will be located on the HRZ pages in the future:

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