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Research Data Infrastructure (FDI)

The University Computer Centre offers storage space quotas to institutes and facilities of the University of Bonn for use in the fulfilment of university tasks (research, teaching, administration).

We have published instructions for access, application-specific software recommendations and application forms on the following Confluence page (in German).

This new object-based research data infrastructure is based on the open-source solution "Ceph". The storage is provided via a distributed, fail-safe and POSIX-compliant file system (cephfs). A distinction is made between personal storage areas and project storage.
The former is used to store personal data as well as to back up workplace systems. All employees and students of the University of Bonn with a valid university ID are authorised to access the system. The data cannot be shared with other users.

The Ceph file system is exported via SFTP/SSHFS. The quota is 100GB for staff and 50GB for students. In addition to the usual SFTP clients, such as Filezilla, the storage can also be mounted as a Windows drive or as a Linux mountpoint.

For the time being, the project storage is allocated independently of the Uni-ID. This is intended for larger storage requirements. For storage quantities over 50 TB, prior agreement with the HRZ is required. Access is also via SFTP. In contrast to the personal storage area, other staff members can be granted access via SSH keys for joint work.

In addition, the file system can be integrated directly via Ceph Fuse Client. This is useful for one or more server systems, e.g. via uniVM. The Fuse Client is only available for Linux systems. It will not offer the option of connecting to the central identity management in the future.

Research projects can apply for free storage space for a period of up to four years (one-time extension possible). Unlimited storage space requirements are charged at 15 € per TB and year. An application is always required for the project repository.

With regard to data consistency, we work with a replication factor of three at one location (Wegelerstr). This means that two servers can fail without data loss. The SFTP interface is also configured to be fail-safe. However, if an SFTP server fails, most clients will abort and restart file transfers in progress. The Ceph Fuse Client always works without interruption.

Technical support can be reached via [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

For general questions regarding research data, please contact [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.].

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