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GigaMove enables the easy exchange of big files.


What is GigaMove?
GigaMove is a service that is provided by the IT-Center of the University of Aachen. With this application, you can exchange files that are too big to attach to e-mail or to be uploaded onto Sciebo.
Users belonging to the University of Bonn can allocate up to 10GB via GigaMove, whereas the maximum size per file is restricted to 2 GB.  Additionally, downloads can be protected with a password and an expiration date. Files are downloadable for a maximum of 14 days. After the upload, you will receive a link that you can pass on to others. A Uni-ID is not needed for the download itself.
Upload and Download
Originally, GigaMove was used to make the provision of larger files possible. However, you can also use it the other way around and obtain larger files through GigaMove. For this, go to the menu item “Request file” on GigaMove. You will then receive a link that will enable you to one-time upload a file. You can forward the link to others, who are then entitled to download the file.


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