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With Sciebo („the Science Box“), Universities of NRW offer a secure alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive & Co. The service allows the automatic synchronization of files onto various devices and enables users to work collectively on the same documents. 

Every user is given 30 Gigabytes of storage space that can be increased for research projects, if needed. The University of Münster runs this Cloud-Service for the participating Universities and permits students and researchers likewise the secure management of their data. Under the strict German data protection laws, these files are saved exclusively at three locations in NRW (Bonn, Duisburg/Essen and Münster).
The University of Bonn provides this Cloud-Service for all of its students and employees. Anyone with a functioning
Uni-ID can sign up on Sciebo and therefore use the NRW-University-Cloud.

More information can be found on the website:


To explain its various features, Sciebo provides many instructions with screenshots for users. You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions under Help. Furthermore, there is a contact form on all sites. General questions regarding the service can be directed to the Computer Centers of the respective universities.
Best Practice:
We have compiled some tips for working with sciebo:


Sciebo is operated by a consortium of 22 universities in NRW. The lead manager is the Zentrum für Informationsverarbeitung (ZIV) of the University of Münster. The biggest storage site is also located in Münster. Further storage sites are located in Bonn and Duisburg-Essen The State of NRW supports this project with EUR 3.1 million, the other costs are borne by the participating universities. The total storage capacity estimates 5 Petabytes. The applied open source software stems from ownCloud, the IBM hardware. Sciebo (pronounced skee-boh) is an artificial word that was inspired by the latin word “scibo” = I will know/ I will be able, but can also be read as an abbreviation for “Scienco Box”, therefore showing the character of the campus cloud. The Logo, a green elephant, stands for wisdom (good memory), high capacity (pack animal), good-naturedness (no predator), robustness (strong against attackers) and community (herd animal).
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