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Best Practice - Set Up of the Sciebo-Client

After installing the Sciebo client, it must be connected to the desired Sciebo account. The username is: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]. Password: Sciebo Password.


In the next step, it must be decided whether all files are to be downloaded locally or first displayed virtually as a link and only downloaded when used. The default setting for the current client is the virtual variant, but the local variant is recommended!


Virtual files do not initially take up any storage space, but only when these files are edited by the user or, for example, by a backup. These then also require the full storage space.


Subsequent change to virtual folders:

If virtual files are to be created subsequently, proceed as follows:

Open the Sciebo client

Use the three dots to select the command "Switch on support for virtual files ...".

All files initially remain locally on the computer, but it is no longer possible to select the folders to be synchronised via the Sciebo client.


In the Sciebo Cloud, all files are now displayed, either as a link or as a downloaded file.

In the file manager, you can now decide via the context menu whether the file should be used locally "Always keep on this device" or as a link "Free up space".


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