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Best practice - Sciebo Project Boxes

Why a project box?

Project boxes are storage quotas for workgroups that work with very large amounts of data (30GB to 2TB). They are particularly suitable for long-term projects with changing project management, as the project box can be transferred to other owners. Therefore, no personal may be stored in the project box.

Who can or should apply for a project box?

Only staff members who already have an existing Sciebo account can apply for a project box. Before setting up the project box, please note that all system messages go to the Uni-ID of the project box holder. Make sure that these mails reach you. The holder should be a person who has an administrative understanding and knows the structure of the project/institute. This person must make the basic settings for the shares and groups. The project box owner does not have to have anything to do with the content work. The owner is thus merely the administrator of the project box. Therefore, persons who have a long-term employment in the institution are a good choice here. In the case of research projects, if a project participant, doctoral student or similar holder, the box should be handed over to a member of the institute after the project is completed. Make sure that all data is actually in the project box and not in a personal shared folder.

How can a project box be applied for?

Log in to under MY SCIEBO with your university ID. There you will find the menu item "Request Project Box". First, define a unique name. An assignment to the institute is absolutely necessary, as is a short description. General names such as Secretariat, Studies or Laboratory are unsuitable without any reference to the institute. The size of the project box can be 30, 500 or 2000 GB and should be chosen realistically. An enlargement at a later date is possible without any problems. Then send off the form and the installation will usually take place on the same day.

Attention: Currently, due to upgrading and relocation of the servers, only project boxes of 30 GB can be requested until the 2nd quarter.

After receiving the email notification, you can "Manage Project Box" in the My Sciebo portal and assign a new password, which only you know. aftr that you can log in to the Sciebo Cloud with the name of the project box.

Release Concepts:

Sharing is the basis for the common use of data. It is advisable to create a folder structure and assign the shares to these folders instead of releasing individual files. For large projects, it makes sense to create user groups. This has the advantage that when a user is added or removed, all rights are immediately granted or withdrawn. Currently, only members of your own instance ( can be added to the user groups. The user groups are then available to the entire instance. Choose the group name carefully and with detailed information so that no confusion can occur here.

Inheritance of Rights:

The user always has the rights assigned to the share. These affect all subordinate directories and files. If a suer is in two different groups with different permissions to one and the same folder, he always recives the higher permission. Adding a user to a group with lower permissions does not restrict any rights. If there are different shares with different permissions for the same group within the folder structure, the right of the selected folder always applies. Multiple sharing of a folder also requires more storage space for synchronisation.

Allocation of storage space:

The data stored in the project box is not allocated to the quota of the personal account but to the project box.


In principle, users should only be given the right to delete and share in very special cases. The Share option is active by default and must be removed if necessary. The Delete option is also not included by default for full access. This is because if a user deletes a folder or file in the local Sciebo folder of the project box, this would also be removed in the Sciebo cloud by the synchronisation.


The data on Sciebo should still be stored separately, because they cannot be restored by the Sciebo aministrators! Back up the data on external storage media.

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