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Best Practice - Sciebo Synchronisation

By setting up the Sciebo client, the files stored in the Sciebo cloud are also stored locally on the computer. The desktop client automatically ensures that the same files are available on all devices on which it is installed as on the Sciebo server.

The following points should be observed:

  1. The computer must have enough time to synchronise before switching off, otherwise the contents will not match.
  2. The synchronisation log should be checked regularly via the Sciebo client. This is displayed under "Activity". Here you can see which files were not synchronised. These cases should be corrected directly. The failure of the synchronisation is mostly due to the fact that the files are too large or the connection to the Sciebo Cloud was interrupted.
  3. While the file is open (possibly also by another editor via OnlyOffice), no synchronisation takes place.
  4. If a file is opened by several people directly from the file manager, there is no lock file indicating that the file is already being edited. The person who saves second will subsequently have two versions of this file. The system has created a so-called conflict file. The system cannot decide which is the correct version; this conflict must be resolved manually.
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