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Personal Disk Space/ FSI


The HRZ provides users with disk space on the central file server. To make use of this, you need a Uni-ID, which is distributed by the HRZ. For this, go to Identity Management.
  • Home Directory

    • The “File-Service-Infrastructure (FSI)” offers disk space for every user of 10 GB or more, in the central storage area of the HRZ of the University of Bonn. Those who need the storage space for personal use, can set up the access with the instructions on this site. Increasing the storage space is possible– see below.
    • The status and how much storage quota you have received can normally be examined under Identity Management (headword “Quota”).
      • The File-Service-Infrastructure (FSI): The system is based on the product SOFS of the Fa. IBM.
    • The access through network connection or network drive (via CIFS, a protocol supported by Windows and other operating system) is only possible from the University of Bonn data network (bonnet) or with a VPN connection.
    • The access through (encoded) sFTP works from all over the world when using appropriate sftp programs (Filezilla, WinSCP, and others) indicating the hostname and the base path /user/Uni-Id.

    • The size of the storage space is initially set to 10GB for all Uni-IDs. An increase up to 100GB can be requested in appropriate/small steps with an informal e-mail to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.].

    • If you need the storage space for a project or institute, please refer to “Plattenplatz” below. The Administration of access rights required additional knowledge. Further details on the use of FSI as a “Project disk space” can be found here or upon request to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.].

    • The access to the server of the FSI can be granted from a device only with a Uni-ID. Multi access with different Uni-IDs from the same device is not possible.

  • Backup of files

    • Important: copies of your data in the FSI (copied at night) are only available for the 7 past days. The copied data (data backup) in the FSI can be accessed without help from the HRZ, when using a Windows system. The files are accessible via the tab “previous versions” under the properties of the drive/folder.

A data backup beyond 7 days is NOT possible.

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