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FSI- Data Backup and Recovery

FSI- data backup/ data recovery

As mentioned under„Personal Disk Space“, the FSI creates a safety copy of data for 7 days. Every night the complete database will be copied and saved as a “predecessor version”.
If you access your FSI folders from a Windows-System via CIFS, there are 3 ways to recover those predecessor versions.


Go to the folder, where your folders/files have been deleted and open –with a right hand-click– the context menu “properties” and then the rider “predecessor versions”. There, select a predecessor versionthat might still contain your files.
  • Use the Open function to open an explorer window onto the backup file (Please pay attention to the name in the address line: You have to enter the date of the backup file). From there you will usually be able to copy the lost files into an active directory (please work carefully, there is no going back!).
  • With the Copy function, you can create a copy of the backup file on any possible place of your computer. There you can leisurely look for the lost files and copy them with a synchronizing tool.
  • The Restore function needs to be handled cautiously since it will reset the complete folder to its state during the backup. All changes made after the backup will be lost.


In case you know the concrete name of the lost folder, you can create a new folder of the same name and recover the folder with the function “properties/predecessor version”. Since the new folder of the same name is empty, no content will be lost during this action.
For smaller restoration efforts, we advise you to use the open function. When it comes to bigger restoration efforts, where you will need to compare whole directory trees, we advise you to use the option Copy and to use a synchronizing tool like, for example, FreeFileSync.
By means of these tips, you should be able to restore your files by yourself.
Note: A recovery after 7 days (duration in which the predecessor version is saved) is not possible! The HRZ does not provide any further possibilities to recover your files.
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