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General Information on the FSI Technology

General information on the Fileservice-Infrastructure of the HRZ, based on the SOFS of the Fa. IBM

What is SOFS?

The “Scale Out File Service (SOFS)” is a service developed by the IBM which, based on the General Parallel File System (GPFS), provides high-performing and extensive network storage space. Here, many magnetic hard disks are collected to form a cluster in a specific and notably fast infrastructure (see GPFS).  Even though it consists of several servers (as SOFS, it appears like a single (Windows)-file server through the technology of CIFS.
IBM keeps improving this technology and launched a development called “Scale Out Network Attached Storage” (SONAS). However, due to positive experiences and the hardware compatibility, the Computer Center continues to work with SOFS.
If you wish to get more extensive information about this service, please refer to the links below:

Differently from the HRZ, the University of Cologne operates the SOFS-system in a “public” and “private” section. Nevertheless, with the correct adjustment, many documentations can be transmitted to the standards of the University of Bonn.


What is GPFS?

The General Parallel File System (GPFS) is a high-performance file system, developed by the IBM to use many hard disks in a Cluster. This file system is used formany of the Top 500 Super-Computers. With fast transmission rates and high stability, it enables the simultaneous quick access to files from different computers. Dividing files into blocks and spreading them among various hard disks makes this possible.
In case you wish to receive further information on GPFS, you can find such under the links below:
Information from the Fa. IBM (that sells this product)
At the University of Bonn, these two technologies are called “File Service Infrastructure” (FSI) in short.
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