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sFTP to FSI-System

At the HRZ, the access to the SOFS disk space within the FSI, can be obtained through an encoded SFTP protocol.

To get access via sFTP, a sFTP-client is needed. Contrary to the old system (AFS with, the new service allows an encoded connection only! FTP-connection will be declined, only sFTP will be possible.
A general despription on this service can be found under “Filetransfer with FTP/ sFTP
To connect ith the SOFS disk space in the FSI, please use the following details:
Port:               22
Protocoll:       sftp
Default directory on the server: /user/userid
[please replace “userid” with your Uni-ID]
Please keep in mind that, you absolutely have to select the sFTP protocol. For a direct call-up you have to especially specify the protocol, which means for example:
Filezilla direct call-up:        s
The directories that you see during the connection establishment WITHOUT a start directory (e.g. dev, etc. var, etc.), are merely “pseudo directories” and do not contain any relevant information. You can find information that is accessible for you, only under /user/[Uni-ID] or more specifically, under your concrete information regarding the access to subdirectories of third parties.
After the connection has been established, you will usually receive a notification of this kind: “Caution: The fingerprint of the server is unknown or has been changed. This could pose a security risk.” There is no need to be insecure, when receiving this message: As a result of the failure safety, your connection can be established through eight different access paths. You should just confirm this notification with OK.
If everything works out correctly, you will be able to access your own FSI directory on the right side of the main window:
Multiple user's access from different computers but with the same identification number is possible. But please keep in mind that a fileserver never solves the main issue of a collaboration software: The last user to send a file, determines its contents.
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