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Access from Windows (XP to 10)

Instructions on how to access the FSI through Windows (Windows XP - Windows 10)

After the servie “FSI/SOFS” has been activated in the user management, you can get immediate access to the storage space. Detailed instructions can be found here (German only).

For Windows (from XP until Windows 10), similar steps are necessary:
  1. Activation of Keberos 5 in Windows by Registry-Patch:
    For this procedure, you have to be signed in as “Computer administrator” on your system. Now you have to add the access to the Keberos of the FSI to your Windwos Registry. This is a one-time task.
    Please download the file (see below) onto your system.
    Open it with a double click. After doing so, you will see the file “”. Please execute the file with a double click and confirm potential administrator- inquiries (Win 7).
    Please answer the question, whether the information shall be added to your system with YES/OK. Consequently, your system needs to restart to be able to work with de Keberos of the FSI from then on. You can find the file here:
  2. After the restart you can either
  • Establish a temporary connection directly in the Windows Explorer with \\\homes
  • Establish a consistent connection through the Windows Explorer with operating “connect network drive” by right mouse-click on the “Arbeitsplatz” (WinXP) or “Computer” (Win7). Next enter the destination address \\\homes.
In both cases, you will be asked for the user identification, that you would like to use for connecting. Here you HAVE TO ENTER:
UNI-BONN.DE\uni-id and your password
Please pay attention to the use of capital and small letters, otherwise a connection cannot be established. After a connection has been established, you will find the new, connected folder in your disk space.
Please keep in mind: To use and edit files on this disk space with several users, a rather complicated assignment of rights has to be issued. If you have questions regarding this matter, please refer to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.].
Especially an institute disk space can only be formed with exact knowledge of the assignments of rights and the help of a functional account. Concerning this, the HRZ will gladly provide you with assistance. Inquiriess can be made here: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.].


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