How to use the calendars on the e-mail server

When using Outlook, the e-mail account can be set up with different protocols (IMAP or MAPI).

When it comes to saving the calendars in use locally on the computer or on the e-mail server itself, the chosen protocol is determining.
Only when using a MAPI account, the calendar can be saved on the e-mail server.

Just like in webmail, all MAPI account folders and therefore the calendar too, are located on the e-mail server.  



Please keep in mind that depending on your MAPI settings, local folders can be used as well.
As shown in the depiction, a local calendar (Kalender) and a calendar that is located on the e-mail server (Calendar) can be used simultaneously.
In case you are unsure on whether you are using the correct calendar, log in onto webmail and check if the dates are coincident.
An Outlook IMAP account may show calendars, but these can only be used locally. In contrast to Thunderbird, MS Outlook cannot integrate these calendars through CalDAV.
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