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How to use shared folders

Here you can find different options for working with collectively used folders

If the folder (e-mail, calendar, contacts or tasks) has been set up in the previously described manner, it can be accessed through various different clients and mobile devices.


Subscribes folders are displayed on the interface just as regular ones and can be used the same way.

Outlook (Windows)

Only when an Outlook-Mapi account has been set up, the collective folders will be displayed on their positions and can be used as usual.


When using thunderbird, there are two distinctive types of folders:

The E-mail folder can be subscribed to and used via the Thunderbird settings.

For calendars, the AddOn Lightning (which is now integrated by default in Thunderbird) is necessary. The calendar has to be integrated via the CalDAV-protocol.

The Contacts folder requires the AddON Cardbook. Contacts will then be integrated via the CardAV-protocol.

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