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Shared E-Mail Address


  • Shared e-mail address is assigned to a functional Uni-ID. 
  • All persons who wish to work with this e-mail address must themselves use a personal e-mail address on the e-mail server operated by the HRZ. 

 Step 1: Delegate Rights

  1. Log in to Webmail (Pronto) with the desired functional Uni-ID.
  2. Via Settings/Access control, the rights for this Uni-ID are given by adding the desired person (the Uni-ID must also be used here).

Setting Access Control

Only the right "Delegate Rights" is set, identifier is the Uni-Id of the person who should work with the functional e-mail address. 

Deligations of Rights 

This gives the person full rights to all folders of the functional Uni-ID without having to select every single folder. However, no folder can be excluded. 

Step 2: Integrate E-Mail 

  1. Subscribe to Webmail
  2. E-mail selection: "Subscribe to folder" is selected via the "+" key.                                                                                                                                                               Create Folder
  3. The functional Uni-ID is entered here and the Enter key is pressed (do not save). All e-mail folders that can be selected by clicking on them will appear.                       Ordner Abo
  4. Onl then may the "Save" button be pressed.

Note: If calendars and contacts are also used, these must be integrated in the same way, only that the respective area must be selected for it: Email, calendar, etc.



Webmail (Pronto)

Log in to Webmail (Pronto) via with your Uni-ID. The folders are already integrated and visible via Step 2, so that you can work with them. 

To be able to send e-mails with the functional e-mail address, the following steps must be carried out once. 


  1. The functional e-mail address must be entered via Settings/Identities                                                 Identities
  2. The Form field must be activated within the "Create e-mail" window. 

Click on the "+" in front of the To field and select the From field (exists only if the first step was performed before).

To Add

Note: This setting is retained from power-up until it is switched off again in the same way.

If an e-mail is written, the sender can now be selected via the From field:


Outlook (Mapi)

 Other than with webmail you can't see the folders of the functional Uni-ID yet. This has to be included in Outlook first.

  1. Starting Outllook with your own e-mail account 
  2. The functional e-mail account can be integrated via File/Account Settings/Account Settings 
  3. For this, one selects the MAPI account and clicks on the button "Change".                                                        Outlook MAPI
  4. The "Advanced" tab introduces the functional Uni-ID via the Add button.                                                                                 Outlook_functional Uni-ID
  5. Here all areas are directly integrated. 
Writing e-mails with the functional e-mail address

With Outlook, the From field must first be switched on. 

To do this, open a new e-mail and select the From field on the "Options" tab. 


The functional e-mail address can now be entered via the "Further e-mail address..." item in the "From" field. 

Outlook identities

Both the From field and the inserted e-mail address are retained. 

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