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Groupware functions

Collective use of e-mail folders, calendars, contacts and tasks

E-mail folders, calendars and contacts that are jointly used by several users, always belong to one particular Uni-ID. Here, we do not differentiate between personal or functional Uni-ID’s.

Nevertheless, it is useful to operate shared folders through a functional Uni-ID, for it can be transferred to someone else, if the original holder resigns.
The set-up takes place in two steps and it is best to do this via Webmail. This way, the important information will be saved on the e-mail server, so that the integrated folders are immediately visible and accessible.


Step 1: Assignment of Rights

The holder of the Uni-ID distributes the rights of a shared folder.


Viewpoint (by default)
  • The owner of the folder logs in onto Webmail.
  • On he left, click on the symol of the respective folder (E-Mail, Contacts, Calendar or Tasks) and then open settings by clicking on the settings symbol
  • Under Access Control List you can enter the Uni-ID of the entitled person and select the rights that you want to grant them. Please keep in mind that adminstrator rights enables others to see your private inforamtion and to distribute rights as well.

This approach works for all shared folder types, such as E-Mail. Calendar, Contacts or Tasks.


Step 2: Subscribe to folders

Entitled users are obligated to subscribe to the now collectively shared folder. This approach too, works for all folder types.


  • The entitled user needs information on his access rights to a certain folder from the holder
  • The entitled user logs in onto Webmail
  • There, by clicking on the link Management on the left side, the following window will open:


  • Please enter a meaningful name in the field "Alias"
  • On the right you can find the field "Folder Name". The entry for the field “Alias Name” can be chosen freely, but the field “Folder Name” has to be filled out like this: “~Uni-ID/Folder”. It is important that you pay attention to small and capital letters.
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