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Ticket system OTRS

The ticket system of the University of Bonn allows a coordinated collaboration between different university departments, as well as inside individual facilities. Requests get displayed in a comprehensible manner and can be processed more efficiently.

The HRZ is testing the open-source ticket system OTRS since 2007 for the processing of support requests. Since 2012 the system is also available in other departments of the university. To get an overview of the departments currently participating see here.


In OTRS incoming requests are entered as e-mails or outgoing forms and assigned to a certain queue. For a person’s first request about a certain topic, a kind of digital case file (Ticket) with a unique number is created. With this ticket number, all follow-up requests can be automatically assigned to the former case, so that you can see the full process at any time.

Besides the request, internal notes may be added to a ticket as well. This way a processing status can be communicated to another person (Transfer of owner status) or another department (Move ticket to another queue), to allow further processing of the ticket, without the need to first explain the process in detail.

View opened OTRS Window

Figure 1: open ticket in OTRS


Numerous other features also make it easier to answer requests. For example, it is technically ruled out, for two persons to process the same ticket simultaneously. An extensive search function allows searching for previous requests from the own department. Answer templates can be used with reoccurring requests, to ensure a consistent quality of answers and reduce the work effort.



To use the ticket system of the university please contact us via e-mail under [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] or by phone under direct dial -3863.



A user manual provides a general introduction and initial support with some specific issues.

OTRS-User Manual (only available in German)

Furthermore, we offer training courses on how to use the ticket system. If you are interested in participating, please contact us under [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.].

You can also find previous questions and answers on how to use OTRS in the support board of the HRZ. You are free as well, to ask your own questions.


Adjustment of existing queues

For each queue outside of the HRZ, a person in charge of managing the queues is appointed by the responsible facility. Only this person can submit requests for changes in the queues to the HRZ. Please direct all request regarding the organisation to the person in charge of managing the queues. This includes for example:


  • Registration of new Agents
  • Change of user rights (Access to quests)
  • Setting up/changing of automated replies
  • Setting up/changing of answer templates
  • Editing of signatures
  • Other queue specific settings


The necessary change forms, you can find here: Administration forms



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