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E-Mail Client

Here you will learn about configuring an E-Mail Client

Access via an E-Mail Client

When working with an e-mail client, various protocols for retrieving e-mails from the e-mail server can be used:

The different protocols 


All e-mails are kept on the e-mail server, so that they can be retrieved from anywhere at any time.

With IMAP, all other information such as the provided calendar, contacts or tasks can only be found locally and are therefore not retrievable from everywhere.


MAPI – Exchange

Here all e-mails can be retrieved like with IMAP, but the functions calendar, contacts and tasks are also managed on the e-mail server, so that they can be retrieved from every computer and be synchronized onto every accessing device.


A connection to the server should always be established when using IMAP as well as MAPI. If the e-mail client is operated offline, e-mails that have already been opened can still be retrieved and read. If this is not the case, the setting for the client needs to be checked (see respective description).

POP3 (should be used in special cases only)


New e-mails are locally downloaded from the e-mail server and will then be deleted from the server by default, so that they cannot be retrieved from other devices or webmail.

Even if the e-mail client settings allow e-mails to remain on the server, repeated retrieval on other computers will not reveal any information on previously read or answered e-mails.

Supported E-Mail Clients

Here you can find installation instructions and other information on the e-mail clients that are supported by the HRZ.


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