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Outlook 2019 IMAP

With the new Outlook 2019 and Outlook 365, account setup has changed.

Note: When setting up an IMAP account, Outlook must be started, otherwise an error message will appear due to sending Microsoft test mails.

When starting Outlook for the first time, entering the e-mail address is sufficient and the server settings for automatically recognized correctly.

 Outlook 1

By opening the "Advanced options" the checkbox "I want to set up my account manually" can be set, so that you have to make the correct setting yourself (see Control).

Server Settings

Incoming mail server:

Port: 993

Encryption method: SSL/TLS (without secured password authentication SFA)

Outgoing mail server:


Port: 587

Encyription method: STARTTLS

The outgoing mail server requires the same authentication as the incoming mail server.


For checking purposes, the settings can no longer be checked via Outlook via "Change", but only via "Repair".

  • Start Outlook
  • File/Account Settings/Account Settings


  • Mark the desired account and select "Repair"


Here it is important to check the box for "I want to repair my account manually". Otherwise the server settings will be checked in the background.

Outlook reparieren

First, the settings for the incoming mail server (Incoming mail) are displayed:

IMAP Eingangsserver

The settings for the outgoing mail server are hidden under "Outgoing e-mail".

IMAP Ausgangsserver

The outgoing mail server is always ""; this is an alias for "" and thus works as well.

If the settings are correct, you can leave the repair tool with clicking on the "Back"-Button.

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