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Outlook IMAP Account

Set up of a IMAP Account in Outlook

When using the IMAP protocol, only the e-mail folders are stored on the mail server., all the other data such as  appointments on your calender, tasks and contracts are stored localy on your computer and a stored in a special Outlook file with the extension pst..

The path depends on the operating system. Under Windows, for example, you can find the files under

(Warning: AppData ist a hidden file)

This means that when working with an Outlook IMAP account, only the emails from other devices are visible and that only the emails can be shared with other people.

If you do not want this restriction in Outlook, you have to set up an Outlook MAPI account.t.


Note: When setting up an IMAP account, Outlook must be started, otherwise an error message will appear due to the sending of Microsoft test mails.

When starting Outlook for the first time, follow the assistant and select POP or IMAP under Add Account:


Enter in the next window your name, your e-mail address and select IMAP as the account type under "Serverinformationen".

For "Posteingangsserver" and "Postausgangsserver" you have to enter with

Your username is your UNI-ID.


The mark at "Anmeldung mithilfe der gesicherten Kennwortauthentifizierung" must be removed.

Click on the button "Weitere Einstellungen" to access the internet e-mail settings and selec the tap "Erweitert"


To use a secure connection to the incoming mail server (IMAP), port 993 and encryption type SSL are selected.

The outgoing mail server (SMTP) is configured with port 587 and encryption type TLS.

Note: Office 265 requires SSL/TLS for the incoming mail server and STARTTLS for the outgoing mail server.

If you want to sent e-mails outsite the university network, the outgoing mail server also requires authentification.

This is set up on the "Postausgangsserver"


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