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General Information on the E-Mail Server

Here you can find all important information on the E-mail-server

  • Incoming mail server:


- Select no password encryption for authentication

- A transfer encryption is possible with SSL/TLS

- Port (IMAP): Standard 143;SSL 993 

- Port (POP3): 110


  • Outgoing mail server (STMP):


- The transfer encryption depends on the client used

- The set up for: "Password: normal" requires entering the Uni-ID

- Port: 587


  • Maximum e-mail size:

- 50 Megabyte

Please note that the size of an attachment cannot exceed 35MB, since sending it requires conversion with a special procedure, which enlarges it about one third of its original size.


  • Limits for sending mass e-mails:

- 120 e-mails in 6 hours

- This limit can be changed by the postmaster if needed


  • Virus and spam check:

- All incoming e-mails undergo virus and spam-checks


  • Sending e-mails:

- You can use the SMTP-server ( to send e-mails via these gateways:

  • All Bonnet-gateways (including WLAN)
  • Either a VPN connection or an authentication with Uni-ID and password is necessary if you are accessing the internet via DSL, internet-by-call or other providers.
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