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Thunderbird instructions

Here you will find instructions on how to set up your e-mail account in Thunderbird (IMAP).

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free e-mail application that now includes the Lightning add-on for appoitnment and calendar managment as a default.

For working smoothly with Tunderbird, it is important to regularly update the software and add-ons. Non-updated clients often lead to erroneous behaviour.

Install and Setup of Thunderbird

1. For example, download the latest software from https://www.mozilla.ord/de/thunderbird/

2. Start the set-up assistant and follow the instructions

Set Up 1

Set Up 2

Set Up 3

Set Up 4

3. After starting Thunderbird you decide for which areas Thunderbird should be used as a default application program or skip this integration.

4. To set up the university e-mail address, select the button "Skip this and use my existing email".

Set Up 5

5. Enter your name and your e-mail address here and klick on the button "Continue".

Set Up 6

6. Thunderbird searches a database for the correct settings for the server. However, the settings found must be edited using the "Manuel config" button.

Set Up 7

7. Plese be aware that it also works with other ports, but the ports selected here use a secure connection.

Incoming mail server:; Port 993, SSL/TLS; authentification: normal password.

Ougoing mail server:; Port 587; STARTTLS; Authentification: normal password.

Username: Uni-ID makes sense, since some functions (e.g. allocation of rights) only work with the Uni-ID and not with the alias.

Set Up 8

8. After klicking on the "Re-test" button so that the changes can be applied, the setup of the e-mail account can be finished by klicking the "Done" button.

Add or delete account

Launch Thunderbird and access the account settings via the application menu/setting. 


New accounts can be added or deleted via "Account Actions" at the bottom left.

 Account Actions Zuschnitt

You can find the account settings under Install and Setup.

Change account

To chnage an existing account, access the account settings from the application menu and makethe appropriate changes in the list on the left:

Account Settings

Not displayed folders

If not all folders that are also visible via webmail are displayed in Thunderbird, the subscribed folder must be checked.

To do this, use the application menu in Thunderbird under File and select Subscribe... and check whether the check mark has been set for desired folder.





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