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Outlook 2019 (IMAP)


The POP3 account type, which is no longer recommended, differs in the settings only by using a different port on the input server

  • Mark the desired account and select "Repair"

    Here it is important to check the boy for "I want to repair my account manually".     Otherwise the server settings will be checked in the background. 

            Outlook 2019 IMAP Picture 1

  • First, the settings for the incoming mail server (Incoming mail) are displayed


    If changes are made, the encryption method must always be changed first and     then the desired port. 

 Outlook 2019 IMAP Picture 2

Port 995 must be entered here for POP3 account settings.

  • The settings for the outgoing mail server are hidden under "Outgoing E-mail

     Outlook 2019 IMAP Picture 3

The outgoing mail server is always ""; this is an alias for "" and therefore also works. 

If the settings are correct, you can leave the repair tool with "Back". 



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