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The access to Uni Bonn E-Mails from every Internet browser

General information

Webmail enables you to access your e-mails from every computer, regardless of the operating system and without installing and configuring a local e-mail client. All data (inclduing calendar and contact data) will remain on the e-mail server.

You can access it by opening in any webbrowser.

The available layout is Samoware.


Spell Check

The spell check within Webmail depends on the used browser.

Setting up a spell check for Firefox

  1. Sign in to Webmail
  2. Go to the "Compose E-Mail" window and open the context menu with a right-mouse click
  3. Select the command "Add dictionary.." Instantly, this page will be opened:
  4. Select the dictionary (not the language pack) in the desired language and click the link "Install dictionary".
  5. Follow the directions to add the dictionary to Firefox.
  6. Upon successfull installation, you will find the added dictionary under the Firefox-settings/Add-ons/dictionary.

How to use Spell Check

Once a dictionary is installed, "Check Spelling" can be switched on in the context menu. Errors will be marked with a wavy, red line as usual and a right-mouse click will show you suggested corrections. If you wish to install more dictionaries, you can find the command "Add dictionary" under the command field "languages".



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