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Ticket System

The HRZ operates a ticket system based on the software KIX. With this system, requests can be processed jointly and coordinated within an institution.

The ticket system of the University of Bonn enables coordinated cooperation within individual institutions as well as between different departments of the university. Requests are presented in a comprehensible way and can therefore be processed more efficiently.


In the ticket system, incoming requests in the form of e-mails or form submissions are read and assigned to a specific mailbox (queue). For the first request of a person on a certain topic, a kind of digital case file (ticket) with a unique number is created. Based on this ticket number, all subsequent e-mails can be automatically assigned to the case, so that the complete history is available at any time.

Besides requests, internal information (notes) can also be added to the ticket. This way, an intermediate processing status can also be transferred to another person (transfer of the owner status) or another department (move to another queue) for further processing without having to familiarize them with the exact course of the case beforehand.

Dashboard KIX

Numerous other functions facilitate the processing of inquiries. For example, it is technically impossible to answer a query twice at the same time. An extensive search function allows you to search for previous queries in your own area.

Answer templates (standard answers) can ensure a consistent answer quality for recurring requests and reduce the workload.


To use the ticket system of the university, please log in with your Uni-ID and password on

For new setup, consulting and/or training needs, please contact us at [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.].

Adjustments of existing queues

For each queue outside the HRZ, a member of staff responsible for the management of the queues shall be designated by the responsible institution.

The university computer centre is exclusively entitled to accept change requests from the persons responsible for the ticket system known to it. Please direct all requests concerning the organization to the person responsible for the respective queue. This includes, for example:

  • Registration of new agents
  • Rights changes (access to queues)
  • Set up/change auto replies
  • Set up/change of standard answers
  • Signature processing
  • Other Queue-specific settings

These adjustments are then forwarded to the administrators by the person(s) responsible for the ticket system ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]) or can partly be edited by the admin backend.


Our KIX manual offers a general introduction and initial support for specific questions.

The changes, which the change from the old ticket (OTRS) to the new system (KIX) has brought about, can be found in short form in the KIX-Handout.

KIX Training and KIX Café

We conduct regular training courses on the use of the ticket system.

The next training will take place on Thursday, 23.04.2020 from 9am to 12pm in course room 2 of the HRZ.

Registration will be via eCampus from 01.04.2020.

Furthermore, we invite you to exchange information at the KIX-Café in course room 2 of the HRZ.

The next date is Wednesdays, 22.04.2020 from 10am to 11.30am.


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