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Establishment of rules

Rules can ensure that mails with certain characteristics, e.g. a defined word in the subject, are sorted into a certain folder or answered automatically. Unwanted e-mails can also be deleted directly with the corresponding rule.

In Pronto, e-mail rules can be created that do not apply locally to a specific e-mail client, but are valid server-wide. This means that rules only have to be created once and can be maintained centrally.

Procedure (Pronto)

  • First login to Pronto with a personal Uni-ID and select in the left menu bar Settings the category Rules.
  • On the upper right side there is a + sign with which a new rule can be added. Now the name and a description of a rule can be entered.
    (Example here: Name = test and Description = test description).

  • There is a choice between the Expert Mode and the Next buttons. When you click Expert Mode, filter settings with multiple conditions and actions are displayed on one page.

(Example: The rule test should store all messages from [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] with the subject test at the trash box).

  • Any number of conditions and actions can be added by clicking on the + signs.
  • To save use Save Rule.
  • After clicking Next on the first page, the settings will show a step-by-step guide. Select the conditions first. Multiple addresses are separated by a comma.

(Example: The selected condition should contain all messages of the address [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] whose subject is test).

  • Select the actions by clicking Next again.

(Example: The action for the previously selected condition [all messages of the address [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] whose subject is test] was selected and now all messages of this address are to be deleted automatically. Alternatively, you can select the Move to Mailbox -Trash action).

  • Save with Save Rule.
  • If a list of the previously specified rules can be found, which can be edited at any time with the gear symbol or deleted with the trash can.

(Example: The previously created rule test with description test description is now visible).

  • To set the order in which the rules are processed, simply click on the arrow behind the number and select the desired number. In any case always click on Apply when finished creating or changing the rule and on Save to save all changes. This also applies if you have removed a rule with the trash can.
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