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Establishment of rules

Rules can help to automatically clear the INBOX and organize e-mails in folders accordingly to senders or subjects.
Unwanted e-mails can be deleted instantly with a corresponding rule.

I order to make them applicable separately from the E-Mail-Client, rules have to be set up with webmail. Thus, rules can be applied directly to incoming e-mails and organize them right away.



Procedure (Layout: ViewPoint)

  • Log in onto Webmail with your e-mail address
  • Click on the icon "Mail Control" to open the rule establishment window:


  • Below you can find the section "Add New". There, enter a sound rule name in the field "Name" and confirm it by clicking "Create"


  • The rule is now registered in the list of rules and can be managed with the button "Edit"



Rule Structure


Now a few tips on how to structure rules.

At frist, specify the criteria in which the e-mails are to be filtered.




Here, you need to choose a field from the area Data.

The fields "From" or "Subject" are the most widely used ones.

Then choose an action in the area Operation.

Choose "is" to achieve accurate conformity. You can extend it with the wildcard-character *. It makes no difference if you use uppercase or lowercase letters.







Rule 1: Subject is Test


It filters all e-mails with the subject Test, but not with the subject Testing.


Rule 2: Subject is Test*


It filters all e-mails with the subject Test..., even such as: Testphase, testing.


Rule 3: Subject is *Test*


It filters all e-mails with a subject that contains test, no matter in which position it is written (in the beginning, middle or end).


Specifying Actions


When a rule has been established, you have to specify how to proceed with the e-mails.


For this, choose an operation in the field “action”.



Please keep in mind that the action “Store in” creates a copy, so that the chosen e-mail will be stored in both the INBOX and the desired folder. This will take up more storage space.


Only when using the action “Discard”, the chosen e-mail will disappear from the INBOX.


To add another action, the rule above the blue ticks needs to be refreshed from time to time.

When it comes to folders, bear in mind that the entire pathway must be indicated.


For example: When an e-mail is supposed to be moved to the INBOX subfolder “Done”, the pathway will be “INBOX/done”.



Sample Rules


Users who receive weekly e-mails like “Spam Qurantine Notification”, can delete those with the following rules.

Instant Deletion
The e-mails will not (even) be moved to the recycle binregel_verwerfen

Move to another folder


Move to recycle bin (trash)




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