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E-Mail Lists

E-mail lists are intended for the exchange of information within groups with a limited number of participants. They can be recommended as a more efficient alternative instead of communication within newsgroups, which in some cases can produce a very large number of messages. The HRZ offers the software Sympa for processing and administration of e-mail lists. This list server software simplifies the management of e-mail lists.

The website of the e-mail list service can be reached under the address:

Subscribe to and unsubscribe from lists

Subscribing to and unsubscribing from mailing lists is also done via the page of the e-mail list service. Public lists can be found and subscribed to via the tab Search for List( in the header. Furthermore, there is also a Index of Lists ( in which all public lists can be found. To confidential lists, one must still be added by the list owner.

Addressing the lists

An e-mail list includes all e-mail addresses of its members under one common e-mail address. An e-mail to this list address will be sent to all list members. Lists on the list server of the HRZ are addressed with

Setting up new e-mail lists

Applications to create new e-mail lists can be submitted after registration with the Uni-ID on the page of the e-mail List Service under Request a List ( The application should include a short description (up to 3 sentences) of the purpose of the list, as well as information about whether the list should be confidential, public or moderated. A Uni-ID is required to create and manage mailing lists.

What list types are there?

The following list types are available via the mailing list service:

  • Confidential list setup
  • Public discussion mailing list
  • Hotline mailing list
  • Mailing list configuration to be used for a news letter providing both text plain and HTML formats
  • Mailing list for intranets
  • Mailing list configuration to be used for a news letter
  • Private working group setup
  • Web forum ML

For more information on how the various list types work, see the page of the e-mail List Service.

Further questions

For further questions about the functionality of mailing lists, please first visit Documentation eng. ( and FAQ eng. ( in the Support section of the e-mail List Service website.

A contact person for further questions can be reached at [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

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