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Restore E-Mails

You have the possibility to restore your e-mails from the past 7 days if you lost e-mails from your account. Please keep in mind that the HRZ can only provide backups for the past 7 days. Older backups are not available!

To initiate the e-mail restoration, please log in to GOsa² and click on the menu point “Mail”. Then you will see the button “Restore”. After clicking on the button, the e-mails will reappear in your inbox and stay there for the next 20 minutes. If the time does not suffice to save all missing e-mails, just click on the button again.
Important: Please close all e-mail clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail…) and deactivate the e-mail synchronization on your mobile devices (Smartphone, Tablet)!
Now log in to the web interface of your Uni-Bonn e-mail address. On the left side of the menu a folder with the name structure R. [date]-[time] will be available. By clicking on it, you will see the backups that have been made available. Open the folder of the desired date by clicking the plus button. Now you can see the structure of your e-mail account.
Now click on the folder with the e-mails that you wish to restore. Then you have to copy the desired e-mails into the current mailbox. Depending on the chosen layout, the ways to restore the e-mails can differ.
Pronto: With a right-hand click on an e-mail, you can open the context menu and select the option: “Copy”. Then you can select a folder and relocate the e-mail.
Viewpoint (Standard Webinterface): Mark the required e-mails and then scroll to the end of the page. Choose the folder that you want the e-mails to be relocated to in the drop-down menu and then click on the folder with the blue arrow on the right side. This folder is meant for copying.
Illustrated instruction:
The following file is an illustrated instruction on how to restore your e-mails. This instruction is only available in German. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the IT-Helpdesk.


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