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Junk Folder

Checking e-mails classified as spam

The University of Bonn's e-mail server is preceded by a multi-level SPAM detection and defence system.

By default, potential spam mails are marked as such in the mail header and automatically moved to the Junk folder.

The folder "Junk" is automatically created by the e-mail server as soon as an e-mail has been identified as spam. However depending on the client used, e. g. Thunderbird, the folder must be subscribed to in the client.

The classification as spam via our systems works differently from the mechanisms provided by e-mail clients to identify spam. These often create their own folders for filtering, such as "junk e-mail", "spam", "quarantine" or similar.

If an e-mail has accidentally landed in the junk folder, move it back to the INBOX or the desired folder using the usual methods. Removing an addressee permanently from the junk folder can only be done by creating your own rules on the e-mail server.

Cleaning up the "junk" folder

The "Junk" folder must be cleaned up regularly, otherwise the reserved space will be exceeded.

As usual, this can be done manually by deleting the desired e-mails (intermediate step: trash) or the settings for the "junk" folder are adjusted so that its contents are automatically deleted after a certain period of time. This depends on the way the folder is accessed.

Here is the procedure for the different access ways:

Changing the deletion settings

Changes made in the webmail interface are not transfered to the e-mail clients.

Webmail (Layout: Pronto)

  • Log in to Webmail with your e-mail address
  • Use the navigation bar to select Settings
  • There, the time after which spam mails will be delete can be changed under the option Delete settings/Spam check..." "Delete spam emails when logging off ":
    • Move the blue surface to the left
    • Use the right arrow to select a value
    • Click the Apply button

The setting does not take effect until Pronto is restarted:

In the following picture for example, spam mails that are older than 3 days will be deleted from the "Junk"folder.


Webmail (Layout: ViewPoint)

  • Log in to Webmail with your e-mail address.
  • Select Settings from the toolbar.
  • Switch to the item Folder:


  • Select the desired time under "Delete spam emails when unsubscribing, if older than...". The default setting is "never".

The setting only takes effect when you restart Webmail:

Thunderbird (IMAP)

If the "Junk"folder is not shown on the left with the other e-mail folders when starting Thunderbird, it must be subscribed to once:

  • Select via the application menu in Thunderbird under File the command Subscribe...
  • Put a check mark at "Junk Folder"

The deletion settings for this folder are changed in the account settings:

  • In the application menu in Thunderbird under Settings/Account settings the item Junk filter is selected. Note that this is not the local junk folder.


  • Check the box next to "Delete junk messages older than..." and select the desired time periode.
  • Close with the OK button.

Outlook (IMAP und MAPI)

  • In Outlook, right-click the junk folder with the right mouse button
  • Selected the command Properties from the context menu.
  • Under the Auto Archiving, via "Use the following settings for this folder:", the final deletion is determined according to the desired age.
  • Close with the OK button.
Now you have to activate auto archiving in general
  • Go to the general auto archiving settings in Outlook via File/Options/Advanced via the button "Settings for Auto Archiving...".
  • In order to remove junk emails that are older than three days, the auto archiving can be carried out daily, whether with or without confirmation is up to you.Outlook_archiv

Note that this controls the entire Outlook auto-archiving process. Therefore check the settings for other folders (INBOX, etc.).

Please Note: Computer managed by the administration have auto archiving deactivated.

MacOS Mail (IMAP)

The "Junk Folder" is displayed as "Is Advertising" in MacOS Mail
  • Switch to "Mailbox behaviour" via Mail/Settings/Accounts
Mac/Mail JunkEinstelllugen


  • There set the deletion time under "Deleted unwanted Advertisement"


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