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Vacation messages

Setting up vacation messages via webmail

The vacation message enables users to communicate their unavailability for a certain period of time..

In order for it to work correctly, the notification has to be set up via webmail
Please pay attention to the following:
  • You cannot use your own e-mail address to test the vacation message (oneself will not be informed)
  • The activated vacation message will be sent to every contact only once. It will be regulated with a designated notification list. This way, endless loops are prevented.

Procedure (Pronto) 

  • Sign in onto your mailserver.
  • Open the menu "Preferences" on the left and choose the option "Vacation Message".
  • Turn the message on with the regulator.
  • Enter the date of your vacation and the message you want to be sent.
  • To delete the list of your notifications you can click on "Clear".
  • To confirm your message click on the button "Apply"
Upon doing so, everyone will receive a vacation message for the time that you stated in the settings. This does not depend on the e-mail client that you are using, since the vacation message is deposited on the e-mail server.

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