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Email Recovery

Preliminary remark 

If you have lost e-mails from your e-mail address, you have the option of restroing the status of the last 7 days on your own.

Users of subdomain email addresses should contact the Postermaster ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]).

Please note that the HRZ can only keep backups of the last 7 days. There is no older backup!

Triggering reconstruction

To start the recovery, log in to GOsa (

 GOsa Login

and klick on the menu item "Mail". 

GOsa klick on Mail

There will you find the button "Restore". After clicking on the button, the back-up e-mails will be integrated into your inbox for the next 20 minutes

GOsa Mail Restore

If this time is not sufficient to save the missing e-mails, you can use the button again. 

To confirm the action, a pop-up window will appear which you should confirm with "Ok".

 GOsa Restoration Message

Recovery of e-mails with Webmail

Important: Please close all e-mail clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail, etc.) first and deactivate e-mail synchronization on your mobile devices (smartphone, tablet)!

Now log into the webmail interface ( with your Uni-ID. 

Mail Login

A new folder with the name structure R.[date]-[time] is now available in the menu on the side. If you open it by clicking on the small triangle, you will see the available updates

Recovery file



Recovery days



Note: In this example, only five days are displayed because there were no changes/mails at the weekend 

Folder structureYou can open the desired date (here 20.02.2018) again by clicking on the corresponding triangle. 

Now you can see the folder structure of your e-mail account. 

Now select the desired e-mails, e.g. via the toolbar visible above them


and select "Move" from the context menu or from the  modified toolbar.

Small Symbolleiste

Then select the destination from the list. 

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