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Expiration of the Uni-ID & the Change of Status

In this section, you will get information on the utilization period of your Uni-ID. It will be clarified what exactly will happen when your Uni-ID expires and how to change your status.

A three-stage system consisting of Warning E-Mail, Deactivation and Deletion starts before the expiration of your Uni-ID.

Stage 1: Warning E-Mail

The Identity management will send you a warning e-mail 30 days before your Uni-ID expires. The e-mail contains all the information that you need on how to extend your Uni-ID or how to change your status.

You received your warning e-mail later than expected? Do not worry! Stage two will only take effect after the previously mentioned 30 days have passed.

Stage 2: Deactivation

The deactivation will be carried out automatically on the day that your Uni-ID expires (due to exmatriculation or termination of contract etc.). From thereon you cannot be granted access to your account anymore.

Your data will not be deleted at that point! In case you have missed the deadline for extending or changing your status, your data will still be accessible as soon as your account is reactivated.

Stage 3: Deletion

30 days after your account has been deactivated, the HRZ is allowed to delete all your data. This process is definite and your data can not be restored from then on.

Change of Status

Changing between an employee-, student- and guest-status of a Uni-ID is not possible anymore, due to safety- and data security policies.

If your relation towards the University of Bonn changes, please apply for a new Uni-ID. To still be reachable via mail under your old Uni-ID, a matching forwarding can be set up.

Student assistants please apply for an additional employee Uni-ID, to seperate academic and official matters.



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