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Expiration of the Uni-ID & the Change of Status

This section deals with questions about the usage time of the Uni-ID. It explains what happens when the Uni-ID expires and how you change your status.

A three-step system consisting of warning mail, deactivation and final deletion starts before your Uni-ID expires.

Stage 1: Warning E-Mail

Identity Management will send you a warning mail 30 days before the expiration date of the Uni-ID. It contains all the information you need to renew your Uni-ID or change its status.

You received the warning mail later? No worries! Level 2 only takes effect when the above mentioned deadline has passed.

Stage 2: Deactivation

Deactivation is carried out automatically on the day your Uni-ID expires (exmatriculation, end of contract, etc.)  From this day on, access is no longer possible.

At this time no data will be deleted! If you have missed deadlines for renewal or a status change is still pending, all data will still be there after renewal and reactivation.

Stage 3: Deletion

30 days after deactivation of your Uni-ID, the HRZ has the clearance to delete your data. This process is final and no data can be recovered afterwards.
Change of status

Change of Status

Status change is possible again from 18.6.19.

Student to employee

You can have a student Uni-ID converted to a Employee Uni-ID if you are no longer an active student.

  • Exception: If you are still studying or doing your doctorate, you may not change the Uni-ID. You should apply for an additional Employee Uni-ID so that you still have access to the BASIC teaching platform.

Student assistants should also apply for an additional Employee Uni-ID to keep student and official matters separate.

Employee to Student

If you are no longer a staff member and start studying again instead, you may have the staff member Uni-ID changed to a student Uni-ID.

  • Exception: If you study and work at the university at the same time, you should not change your Uni-ID, but apply for an additional Uni-ID.

Guest in student and student in guest

The change is also allowed.



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