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Regulations for the Alumni network and UGB Members

Former members of the University of Bonn have the option to keep a Uni Bonn e-mail address with a forwarding function to their private e-mail address. This regulation also applies if your status within the University of Bonn changes, e.g. from student to employee.

In order to keep your Uni Bonn e-mail address, you have to be a member of the Alumni network or the Universitätsgesellschaft (UGB).

Save Uni Bonn e-mails and address book

Before the change of status (from university member to Alumni/member of the Universitätsgesellschaft), all important e-mails should be saved. With the completion of the change application form online your status will be changed and your Uni-ID and all related data will be deleted. You will no longer have access to any IT services provided by the University of Bonn.

Forwarding to a private e-mail address

In some cases it is desirable or necessary that you can still be reached via the university e-mail address. For this purpose you can arrange that incoming e-mails sent to your university e-mail address will be forwarded to a private e-mail address on a permanent basis. Members of the Alumni network and the Universitätsgesellschaft can arrange the forwarding to a private e-mail via the change application form.

Transfer of functional Uni-IDs

If a functional Uni-ID is to stay in use, it is necessary to transfer the Uni-ID to another person who is a member of the University by using the change application form.

Why is it necessary to change the e-mail address to a forwarding address? Is there no alternative?

The University has licensing agreements with various licensors (publishers and software manufacturers) covering only the use by members of the University. Use by third parties, such as members of the UGB and the Alumni Network, is excluded in these contracts and may result in severe contractual penalties for the University.

With the "e-mail forwarding" measure now offered, the only possible compromise has been found for the University of Bonn: Alumni and UGB remain permanently accessible under the university e-mail address, so electronic communication can continue without interruption, and the legal conditions are met.

A reconversion is not possible

Once the Uni-ID has been converted into an e-mail forwarding, it cannot be converted back to a Uni-ID. If you should happen to be employed at the University of Bonn or if you start studying there at a later point of time, you will be assigned a new Uni-ID. It is not possible to convert the e-mail forwarding back into a functioning account.


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