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E-Mail Alias & E-Mail Forwarding

Getting the most out of your e-mail address

Your Uni-ID is too cryptic for you or you want to collect all e-mails in one e-mail address? Then this is the right place to learn more about setting up your e-mail aliases or e-mail forwarding. 

E-Mail Alias

Create a second e-mail address (a so-called e-mail alias, e.g., [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]) via the Identity Management GOsa² and only give this e-mail address out to others. That way you can change the e-mail address in case your name changes. 


E-Mail Forwarding

To make sure that you still get the e-mails directed at “[Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]”, set up e-mail forwarding via the Identity Management GOsa². If you have not set up e-mail forwarding and you do not read your e-mails at the University of Bonn, potential notifications about your Uni-ID being blocked or deleted cannot reach you. 

Warning! If e-mails are forwarded no copy is saved on the e-mail servers of the University of Bonn. 


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