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E-Mail Alias & E-Mail Forwarding

Getting the most out of your e-mail address

Your Uni-ID is too cryptic for you or you want to redirect emails of a functional Uni-Id to our ticket system, for exmple? Then you are in the right place to learn more about setting up your mail aliases or your mail forwarding to uni-internal addresses.

E-Mail Alias

Create a second e-mail address (a so-called e-mail alias, e.g., [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]) via the Identity Management GOsa² and only give this e-mail address out to others. That way you can change the e-mail address in case your name changes. 


E-Mail Forwarding to uni-internal addresses

You have the option of setting up e-mail forwarding via Identity Management GOsa2 to uni-interal addresses. E-mails to your [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] and to any e-mail aliases set up will be sent ot the e-mail forwarding address from the time of setup. 
Attention! E-mail forwarding does not save copies if incoming or forwarded messages in your mailbox. To ensure secure delivery to the target mailbox, forwarding is only possible to mail servers of the University of Bonn. 

For employees, automatic forwarding of e-mails to mail servers outside the university is generally not permitted under data protection law.

Edit Forwarding

Log in to Gosa with the University ID to be forwarded and select "Mail":


To make an entry, you must click the "Edit" button:


Here you enter the desired e-mail address under the Forwarding field and save this:


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