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Every Uni-ID comes with a password

A solid password is the first step to protect your personal and official data (e.g. research data). After the activation of your Uni-ID, the HRZ will no longer know your password. It will be your personal key.

Password rules

  • 8 - 13 characters
  • Use letters, numbers and the additional characters: !, $, %, {, }, =, ?
  • Do not use names or words from a dictionary.

  • Do not use dates or complete sentences.

  • Make use of maximum number of characters.

  • Use small and capital letters, additional characters and numbers.

Tip: One method is to create a password by using the first and last letters of a familiar sentence. Combine these with numbers and additional characters and create a password that is hard to find out but easy to remember.

Password managing tools, e.g. Keepass, make it a lot easier to work with complex passwords.

Forgot your password or your Uni-ID

In case you might have forgotten your password or your Uni-ID, there are a few possibilities to recover the access to your data.


Click on “forgot password” to quickly set up a new password. This works on the premise that you have verified a private e-mail address via GOsa² before.


If you have not stated a private e-mail address, you can turn to the IT-Helpdesk for help. Please come during working hours and make sure to bring photo identification and if you are a student at the University of Bonn, your valid student identification.

By post

Please fill out the form “Inquiry Application” below and send us the signed document by post or fax (0228-73 3487). If you are an employee of the university, please add the signature and stamp of your institute. Students must add a copy of their photo identification and student identification.

The response will be send to the business address (employees) or private address (students).

Please keep in mind that our response might take a few days to reach you, since we have no bearing on the postal service!

  • Forgot password

Important! Do not forget to tick the password field! Otherwise you will only receive information on your Uni-ID.

  • Forgot Uni-ID

Important!  Leave out the tick on the password field in case you only need information on your Uni-ID.

Password recovery



Change password



Never pass on your password

You are not allowed to pass on the password of your Uni-ID to a third party. If you are looking for a way to have shared access to your data, there are many possibilities like re-managing your e-mail or disk storage rights or using OTRS. Do you need help? Feel free to approach us!

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