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Personal & Functional Uni-ID

Special service for all permanent staff

If you need more than one Uni-ID, you should distinguish between the following types.

What is a personal Uni-ID?

With your employment you received a personal Uni-ID. It is used for official communication and the use of the central IT services of the university. You are obligated to check the e-mail traffic constantly, since it is used by the university to communicate with you.

A personal Uni-ID cannot be transfered onto another person.

What is a functional Uni-ID?

There are cases that require you to have additional Uni-IDs, e.g., in your work as an administrator (server services, website, OTRS, etc.). Uni-IDs that serve such a function and are not laid out for personal communication can be applied for via a "new application" at the HRZ.

What exactly is the difference?

The general difference is that the personal Uni-ID is used for the communication between you and the university, as well as your personal work with the central IT services of the university.

The purpose of the functional Uni-ID is to give you the possibility to separate a function/activity, e.g. from your personal e-mails or files.

Please be aware that it is in no case allowed to pass on your password!

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