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Verify email address

To be able to use the password recovery by mail, you have to deposit and verify a private mail address. If this did not happen when you first activated your e-mail address, you can still do this later. For this you use your Uni-ID at GOsa², select the english version with the little flag.


Now click on "Person".



The edit mode must be activated in the lower right corner with "Edit". You can then enter a private e-mail address in the "Private e-mail" field, which can be used to recover your password. Then press the button "Send Verification-PIN"



You will receive an e-mail with the verification PIN, enter it in the "Verification-PIN" field and click on the "Verify e-mail address" button.

If the e-mail address should change later, you can also have a new e-mail address verified using the same procedure. To do this, enter the new e-mail address in the "Private e-mail" field and have a new verification PIN sent to it. Enter this PIN in the "Verification PIN" field and confirm with "Verify e-mail address".

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