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Change of the Uni-ID for first name changes according to the Transsexual Act (TSG)

We are happy to help transient people adapt their data for the Identity Management.

Prerequisite for this is

  1. Official change of name in your identity documents by the responsible registry office
  2. Change of name in the student administration for students and in the HR department for staff.

You can then change your Uni-ID.


  1. Send a letter to the IdM by post with the "Change of Uni-ID in case of first name change according to TSG".
  2. Attach a copy of your current Student ID (students)/ a black and white copy of an official photo ID (all others) with the new name.

The transient person will receive a new Uni-ID, which is based on the new name. The desired e-mail aliases can then be entered in the IdM by the user.

After the request has been processed, the change will take about 1-2 days.



  • When you change the Uni-ID, a new Uni-ID is created and the old one is deleted.
  • When the Uni-ID is changed, all linked data such as e-mails and data of the old Uni-ID is deleted. If these are still needed, save them first and transfer them later to the new Uni-ID - the IT-Helpdesk will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.
  • If you make a Uni-Id change within the exam period, carry the documents with you for security - some exam lists are compiled on the basis of the Uni-IDs.


Note on eCampus

On the eCampus learning platform, personal data and access to all courses and groups, including learning content, are lost when the Uni-ID is changed. Course and group memberships for BASIS courses can be restored manually by the eCampus Support upon request.

Content created or uploaded under the old Uni-ID (files, tests, answers, wiki pages, forum posts, etc.) remain in the learning platform when the Uni-ID is changed, but cannot be be rewritten to the new Uni-ID. In these cases, access cannot be restored.

After setting up the new Uni-ID, please contact eCampus Support to restore course and group memberships for BASIS courses on eCampus.



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