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IdM Representatives & IdM Sub-Administrators

General information for IdM representatives and IdM sub-administrators

The following explanations support you in your work as IdM representative or IdM sub-administrator.

What are IdM representatives?

The IdM representatives are the faculty's central contact point for the administration of contact persons in the institutes. The IdM representatives will be nominated in writing to the HRZ by the deans or the rector.

What are IdM sub-administrators?

IdM sub-administrators are your contact persons in the institutes that carry out manual extensions for the user group “freie Mitarbeiter” (freelance staff). They process extension applications and assess eligibility on the basis of the Regulations for the Access of Freelance Staff (Freie Mitarbeiter).

Why a decentralized administration structure?

In cooperation with the faculties and the “Justitiariat” (legal department), we have established a decentralized administration structure. On the basis of the Regulations for the Access of Freelance Staff (Freie Mitarbeiter), institutes and institutions have the possibility to decide on the eligibility/access of their freelance staff.

I am IdM representative/IdM sub-administrator and I need support/assistance with my work

  • Questions on how to use the Identity Management system GOsa² are answered in the handbook for IdM sub-administrators. Unfortunately the handbook is only availabale in German. If you have any questions not covered in the handbook, please contact [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.].
  • If you have any legal questions, please contact the “Justitiariat” (legal department) directly. 

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