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Allocation of Uni-IDs for staff members

Staff members with 'Personalnummer' (staff identification number)

How do I receive my Uni-ID?

You are employed at the University of Bonn for the first time? Then you automatically receive a Uni-ID.

After an interruption of the contract you are working at the University of Bonn again? In this case please use the form for new applications to apply for a new Uni-ID. Make sure to state your 'Personalnummer' (staff identification number) so that your data and expiry date can be determined automatically. The access data will be send to your institution via internal mail.

How do I extend my Uni-ID?

With an ongoing contract your Uni-ID is extended automatically.


'Freie Mitarbeiter' (Freelance staff)

How do I receive my Uni-ID?

You can receive a Uni-ID via a "new application". Conditions are that your institution has a cost center (Kostenstelle) at the University of Bonn and that your function corresponds to one of the categories in the application form.

How do I extend my Uni-ID?

Your Uni-ID can only be extended manually by the responsible IdM-subadministrator with the approval of the head of department (see Regulations for the Access of Freelance Staff (Freie Mitarbeiter)).

Contact persons will be mentioned in the warning e-mail. Alternatively, you can use the extension application form to contact the respective contact persons.

My contract expires. What are my options?


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