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Allocation of Uni-ID's for students (and "große Zweithörer" and "kleine Zweithörer" from the cooperation agreement BCGS Physics/Astronomy with the University of Cologne)

Do I receive my Uni-ID automatically?

You are a student and have enrolled for the first time at the University of Bonn? Then you will receive your Uni-ID and your initial access data automatically with your student documents.

Do I have to apply for a new student ID?

You have interrupted your studies and want to resume your studies now? Then you have to apply for your Uni-ID again, even if your student documents state access data. This is due to technical reasons. We will send the data to your private mailing address.

How do I extend my Uni-ID?

If you have re-registered within the deadline and paid the semester fee, you don't have to do anything. Your Uni-ID will be automatically extended for the next semester.

You have missed the deadline for re-registration? In this case your Uni-ID has been deactivated. It will be reactivated if you pay the semester fee and the late-payment fee. Please be aware that the booking system might need up to 10 days to transmit the completion of your payment to us. 

I have finished my studies. What are my options?





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